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Information Technology

With Information Technology, organizations can operate more efficiently and productively. The key advantages include improved communication, digital storage, and record-keeping. Pharmaceutical IT services are available to businesses of all sizes and could help in resolving issues with drug development. The development of pharmaceutical ERP software has made it easier to manage your business more successfully. Pharmaceutical software solutions help businesses meet standards and are easy to install. Their products can be improved in quality. Information technology improves decision-making and offers access to precise, real-time statistics to those in the pharmaceutical industry.

A Ǫuick start Guide for Successful Cloud Migration of Global Pharmacovigilance (GPV) IT Applications

In the everevolving regulatory landscape of Global Pharmacovigilance GPV

The Emerging World of Smart Pills, Patches, and Implants

Innovative AI-Enabled Drug Delivery Systems

In the past monitoring gastrointestinal status required invasive procedures or imaging tests external to the body

Use of Artificial Intelligence in Automation of Pharmacovigilance

With rapid digitalization and increased research in the sector the pharmaceutical industry has experienced a remarkable development in the last three years opening doors for innovative routes of therapy for humankind

How AI is Transforming the Pharma Industry

The global pharmaceutical industry is currently facing many wide ranging challenges including an aging population increased life expectancy a rise in chronic conditions reduced funding for treatments reduced numbers of clinical staff the ever increasing cost of drug development and raw materials and supply chain issues

Artificial Intelligence

Bridging the pharma sector

Theres a need consolidate natural information with computational strategies for extricating important and fitting qualities from the thousands of qualities measured



New technologies advanced software systems and the integration of IT within the pharma supply chain are increasingly playing a pivotal part in protecting pharmaceutical payloads worldwide

The Cyber-Physical Security of Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Processes

The cyberphysical security is no longer an area that should be overlooked Unfortunately cyberphysical attacks of all kinds may cost companies a great amount of money and countless lives


Artificial Intelligence AI and machine learningbased technologies have the potential to transform healthcare because they offer new and important insights derived from the vast amount of data generated during the delivery of healthcare every day


In pharma’s rush to end the pandemic

Today we are in the midst of one of the most challenging periods of modern times The coronavirus pandemic has engulfed the world with more than million infected and million lost lives and those numbers are rising every day


Over the years there have been many expensive and notorious incidents that have prompted the necessity of cyberphysical security of manufacturing plants Stuxnet Duqu Flame and Gauss were malware specifically designed to target industrial control systems ICS and cause physical damage to the equipment and inhibit processes from executing normally


In August ransomware operators targeted the health department of the Italian region of Lazio and disabled its COVID vaccination booking system disrupting the scheduling of new vaccination appointments for days

Machine Learning for Process Monitoring and Control of Hot-Melt Extrusion: Current State of the Art and Future Directions

Hotmelt extrusion HME is a rapidly growing technology in the pharmaceutical industry for the preparation of various dosage forms including granules pellets tablets and implants The HME process offers many advantages relative to other pharmaceutical processes one of the major benefits being that HME can enhance the bioavailability and solubility of...

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